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released May 12, 2017

LION YOUTH was written and recorded by Gareth William Schumacher

Kari Lee Wasoba played snare on "Something New”, and flute on "Wave of Insects" and "Forever Out Of Reach."
Ryan Wasoba played filing cabinet and brass apples on "Tropical Island"
Mic Boshans played drum kit and timpani on “Maleducata” and “Forever Out Of Reach”
David Beeman recorded Mic’s drums at Native Sound in St. Louis, MO

All words and music are original, except “Drowsy Sleeper” which uses lyrics from a traditional American folk song. “Drowsy Sleeper” incorporates field recordings made at a Christmas concert in Lugano, Switzerland; it also uses this sample from Freesound.org: thump 1 by TicTacShutUp (www.freesound.org/people/TicTacShutUp/)

Mastered by Ryan Wasoba at Bird Cloud Recording, Edwardsville, IL


all rights reserved



Gareth William Schumacher Los Angeles, California

Gareth William Schumacher is an American singer-songwriter and producer whose music resides on the spectrum of lo-fi indie folk and psychedelia. His songs draw on a wide range of sonic influences, including prog, art rock, 1970s synthesizer music, and noise pop. ... more

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Track Name: Tropical Island

I forgot about what I was singing
I got distracted by the places I was going
Another summer, a new beginning
I think I let myself believe I was ending

But I was still alive

From the city where we shivered
To a single room just east of a river
I followed you, you followed me
We were thinking of the thing that we could be

And we were alive
We are still alive

Let the sun begin to rise
Let it clear the cobwebs from our eyes
And in time let it reveal the things that we hide

Why do I betray you, dear?
In the dark where no one knows
The things that we fear.
Track Name: Winter

It's Winter you know and there should be snow
but there is no snow.
I'm waiting outside smoking in the rain,
setting my watch to the trains.

The lights of the town floating all around
knocking me down to the ground
my friend he sees Africa in my eyes
now I've got African eyes

Will I always be solitary?

I want to reside in the collective sigh,
in the moment that I cry.
The shout of the horns I must have been reborn
Calling the end of the storm

It's Winter you know and there should be snow
but there is no snow. It's Winter you know,
and there should be snow, but there is no snow.

Will I always be solitary?
Track Name: Present Tense

I was lost
then was found
then was lost again

Where am I now?
In the future?
Present tense
Remembered now

Remembered now

Remember, now
We’re the only
in the world

In the world
Track Name: Drowsy Sleeper
(lyrics trad)

Wake up, wake up you drowsy sleeper
Wake up, wake up it is almost the day
How can you bear to sleep and slumber,
When your true love is going away?

Oh, can’t you see those dark clouds a-rising
They’re rising in a billowing dawn
I think we’ll have some fair weather
When those dark clouds are overblown
Track Name: Wave Of Insects
Sun sets through the trees
I'm on a wave of insects
singing in the breeze

Underneath the smog,
the sun, it tosses
& it turns for everyone.

Track Name: Maleducata
Track Name: The Hawks Arrive
When I have walked
through all the streets of a town
After I've learned
all of the ups and the downs
Though we've been dragged
into the depths of the night
There will be a time
when all the dark will be lighted

When the beasts in the air took flight
we were caught unprepared and so terrified
And the terrible signs appeared overnight
I didn't know before

In the fall The Hawks Arrive,
flying in over the river.
Echoing their murder cries
Dominant more than ever
Track Name: Something New
What does it mean to want everyone to be happy,
when your love is overflowing?
Watch the explosion and reconstruct the bomb
Or close your eyes and be absorbed?

There's a current through the day
and it feels like a flood
Something New is flowing in my blood

Want my hands to be clean
Want my body to obey me
We could climb that mountain
Or change the color of the sea
Track Name: That's Not The Reason
I had a lover in better times
now it's like nobody's on my side
Yes, I recall those summer days
where I have gone but never can stay

There was a day when I played it to win
But I've been confusing pleasure with sin
Yes, I recall those summery days
where I have gone but never can stay

It is not the reason or the rhyme
It's not the hill to climb
And it's not the songs that I play all night
It's not the test of time

I fell in love with spending my bread
Don't know how these thoughts got in my head
Is it the city? Is it the Times?
Maybe I'm missing my life of crime

That is not the reason or the rhyme
It's not the hill to climb
And it's not the words that I sing all night
It's not the test of time
That I deny

That is not the reason or the rhyme
It's not the hill to climb
And it's not the words that I sing all night
It's not the test of time
That I deny
Track Name: Forever Out Of Reach
Don't I but know the words
Are too magnificent
But for whatever reason
ever insufficient

One day I felt my LION YOUTH
I was not dragging in the sea
Nothing was between

I loved the shocking, freezing air
That met me in the night
Sharpening my sight

The 4 black birds that sit
Atop the silver tree
Fluttering like leaves

They sing a chilling melody
And offer it to me

Forever Out Of Reach